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Homemade Beauty Tips For Dandruff

Homemade Beauty Tips For Dandruff. Hair is most important and prominent part of your appearance. So it is compulsory to take good care of it to make hair soft and silky. Those of us who have drier skin than the rest have chances of getting dandruff. In fact people with dry skin report serious dandruff during winters when the skin gets drier. Beauty Tips For Dandruff, Hair is most important and prominent part of your appearance. So it is compulsory to take good care of it to make them soft

Yogurt and Pepper:

This is one of the simplest dandruff home remedies ever. Yogurt, when applied onto the scalp, acts as a comforting agent. Yogurt averts the exacerbation of scaling on the scalp. Pepper is an anti-fungal agent. Grind finely about 2 teaspoons of black pepper and add this powder to one cup of curd. Mix them carefully and apply all over the scalp. Apply on the scalp and not the hair. Leave it on your scalp for about an hour and rinse off, Beauty Tips For Dandruff

Olive Oil:

Olive oil, its use in curing dandruff is the most widely promoted. It is an excellent moisturizer. It also has natural descriptive properties. Knead warm olive oil onto the scalp in gentle circular motions at night before going to sleep. Keep the olive oil overnight and wash with a mild shampoo in the morning, Beauty Tips For Dandruff

Lemon Juice and Oil:

Lemon juice is expected to be natural bleach because of the citric acid content in the juice. Lemon juice has very helpful antifungal properties which make it a vital weapon for dandruff. Mix coconut oil and lemon juice such that for one part lemon juice, add five parts coconut oil. Smudge this mixture gently onto your scalp and leave this mixture for about twenty minutes to half an hour. Wash off the mixture using a mild shampoo. Treat regularly to get rid of dandruff using lemon, Beauty Tips For Dandruff

Aloe Vera:

Aloe Vera upkeeps raw and wrecked skin on the scalp caused due to repeated itching. Aloe Vera gel also has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Apply fresh Aloe Vera gel obtained from the plant directly on your scalp. Leave it for about a quarter of an hour and wash it off using a mild shampoo. Do this daily till you get satisfactory results,  Beauty Tips For Dandruff


Neem leaves are an outstanding antibiotic, antiseptic and anti-fungal agent. Neem has been successfully used to treat many scalp and hair-related problems like lice and hair fall. Make a paste of neem leaves after boiling them for half an hour and apply this gently onto your scalp. Leave it on for about half an hour and wash off.


The decent old reetha is a wonderful home medicine for treating dandruff. Apply a paste made of water and reetha powder on your scalp. Keep this on for 2 hours and wash properly with a good shampoo.

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