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Eggs Benedict Bake

by 9:50 AM
Here’s a casserole as tasty as Eggs Benedict, but without the hassle. Simply assemble the ingredients ahead, and bake it the next morning...Read More

Seafood Linguine

by 9:50 AM
Seafood Linguine - easy to throw this yummy dish together. Serve over pasta or rice. *Calls for frozen and/or canned seafood. use fresh fis...Read More

Pretzel Challah

by 9:21 AM
Pretzel Challah - YUM! Great a long side a bowl of soup, great for sandwiches, but especially grilled cheese with jalapenos!!! Ingredient...Read More

Easy Pad Thai

by 7:14 AM
Easy Pad Thai, this is a healthy and delicous recipe that is great for a refreshing dinner.Wonder if it would be good with spaghetti squash...Read More

Pizza Nachos

by 7:08 AM
Pizza Nachos. These are great for parties, football games, family gatherings or just a quick weeknight meal Ingredients:  Your favorite ...Read More

Spaghetti Pie

by 6:54 AM
Spaghetti Pie Ingredients: 10 oz spaghetti 7 oz cheese 2 bell peppers 1 large onion 1 large carrot 2 spring onions 2 t...Read More

Caramel Apples

by 12:20 PM
Wow!!! Now that is what I call caramel apples! They bring back boyhood memories, but we never had them like yours. Great idea! Ingredient...Read More

Chicken Taco Pasta

by 6:59 AM
Chicken Taco Pasta. An easy, satisfying dinner using some of my favorite flavors. Total weeknight winner! Ingredients: 1 pound organic g...Read More
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